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Are you eager to excel in your studies and reach new heights of success? Our academic skills training is tailored just for you! Unlock a world of valuable tools and strategies to enhance your learning experience. From effective study techniques to mastering time management, our training will equip you with the essential skills needed to thrive in academia and beyond. Enroll now and embark on a transformative journey toward academic excellence!

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Trainings – winter semesterPlace and time
Finding documents for my Bachelor’s thesisTuesday 31 October at 10.30
LLC, LH 1.01
How to organise my references?Thursday 9 November at 14.00
LLC, LH 1.01
Time & tasks managementThursday 30 November at 14.00
LLC, LH 1.01
Starting my Master thesisThursday 7 December at 10.30
LLC, LH 1.01
Trainings – summer semesterPlace and time
Conducting a systematic literature reviewto be communicated later
Writing and structuring a thesis or academic paperto be communicated later
Engaging with other people’s work: Conducting a literature review and avoiding plagiarismto be communicated later

Discover your training opportunities

Are you ready to embark on the exciting journey of your bachelor’s thesis? The LLC is here to guide you through the essential steps of finding and accessing the documents you need to make your thesis a resounding success.
In this comprehensive training session, we’ll equip you with the skills and resources necessary to locate high-quality academic material, ensuring your research is grounded in robust evidence. Whether you are exploring a captivating topic or diving into a complex subject, our library experts will show you the way.

You will learn:

• To navigate our catalogue: Gain confidence in using our extensive library resources, including digital databases, physical collections, and specialized research tools.
• Effective search strategies: Discover the art of crafting search queries that yield precise and relevant results, saving you valuable time.
• To craft a relevant research question: Learn how to transform your topic of research into an operational question.
• To conduct an efficient review of literature: Understand the essential principles of a literature review.
• To access e-resources: Learn how to access e-books, academic journals, and other digital resources from the comfort of your own device.
This training is designed for students at all stages of their bachelor or master thesis research. Whether you are just starting or already knee-deep in your research, our session will provide valuable insights and resources to enhance your work.

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In academic work, proper referencing is not just a formality; it’s a fundamental aspect of scholarly excellence. The LLC is here to help you organise references and citations and understand the complex world of academic citations with ease and precision.

Join us for an insightful training session that will equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to master the intricacies of referencing and reference organisation.

What you will learn:

  • Introduction to reference management: Understand the importance of reference management in academic writing and research.
  • Citation styles: Explore common citation styles such as APA, MLA, Chicago, and more, and learn when and how to use them appropriately.
  • Reference management software: Discover the benefits of reference management software like Zotero and gain hands-on experience with these tools.
  • Importing and organizing citations: Learn how to efficiently import citations from databases and websites and organize them effectively for your research projects.
  • Citation generation: Streamline the process of generating citations and bibliographies, ensuring accuracy and consistency.

This training is designed for students who want to enhance their reference organisation skills. Whether you are working on assignments, research projects, or publications, this session will provide you with the essential knowledge to simplify your referencing process.

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As a university student, juggling coursework, research, and personal commitments can be a formidable challenge. However, mastering the art of time and task management can make all the difference in achieving academic success while maintaining a balanced life. The LLC is here to help you unlock the secrets to efficient time and task management.

Join us for an enlightening training session designed to equip you with essential skills and strategies that will enhance your productivity, reduce stress, and optimise your academic performance.

What you will learn:

  • Time management techniques: Explore proven techniques for prioritizing tasks, setting goals, and creating effective schedules.
  • Task organization: Learn how to break down complex projects into manageable steps, facilitating better planning and execution.
  • Stress reduction: Gain insights into stress management and strategies to maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  • Proactive planning: Develop proactive strategies for long-term academic success, including semester planning and goal setting.
  • This training is open to all university students looking to enhance their time and task management skills. Whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student, this session is designed to help you navigate the demands of academic life with confidence and efficiency.

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Congratulations on embarking on your master’s thesis journey! The LLC is here to guide you through the crucial first steps of this exciting academic endeavor. Our “Starting My Master Thesis” training session is designed to provide you with the essential knowledge and tools to kickstart your thesis project with confidence and clarity.

What you will learn:

• Understanding the thesis process: Gain a comprehensive overview of the master’s thesis process, from topic selection to final submission.
• Choosing a research topic: Learn strategies for selecting a compelling and research-worthy thesis topic that aligns with your academic interests and career goals.
• Crafting a relevant research question: Learn how to transform your topic of research into an operational question.
• Literature review: Explore the importance of conducting a thorough literature review to build a strong foundation for your research.
• Library resources: Discover the wealth of library resources and services available to support your thesis research, including databases, citation management tools, and research consultations.

This training is tailored for students who are about to embark on their thesis journey. Whether you are just starting or already knee-deep in your research, this session will provide valuable insights and guidance.

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A systematic literature review is a type of literature review that uses systematic methods to collect secondary data, critically appraise research studies, and synthesize findings qualitatively or quantitatively. The process of conducting a systematic literature review includes identifying a research question, searching for relevant literature, appraising studies for relevance and quality, and synthesizing the evidence to answer the research question.

Unlock the power of systematic inquiry and elevate your research skills with our comprehensive training on conducting a systematic literature review. This specialized approach is an invaluable asset for both novice and experienced researchers, providing a structured method for collecting, evaluating, and synthesizing existing knowledge. Whether you are a graduate student embarking on a research project or a doctoral student seeking to enhance your methodology, this session will empower you with the tools for success.

What you will learn:

• Understanding systematic reviews: Gain a deep understanding of what systematic literature reviews are, their significance in research, and their role in evidence-based practice.
• Formulating research questions: Learn how to craft precise research questions that will guide your systematic review.
• Search strategies: Master the art of designing and executing effective search strategies to identify relevant literature across various databases and sources.
• Understanding the system: Learn and apply the proper system to conduct a review systematically.
• Synthesis and reporting: Discover techniques for synthesizing and presenting your findings, including meta-analysis and narrative synthesis.

This training is open to students and researchers seeking to enhance their research skills. Whether you are conducting your first systematic review or refining your existing knowledge, this session is tailored to your needs.

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Unlock the secrets to crafting compelling and scholarly academic papers with our comprehensive training. Whether you are a student preparing a research paper, a graduate student working on your thesis, or a doctoral candidate learning to write an academic article, this session is your gateway to achieving excellence in written communication.

Our training is designed to demystify the academic writing process, providing you with practical strategies, tips, and resources to create well-structured, coherent, and persuasive papers that meet the highest scholarly standards.

What you will learn:

  • The art of academic writing: Explore the fundamental principles of academic writing, including clarity, coherence, and precision in language.
  • To structure your paper: Learn how to effectively organize your paper, from crafting a strong introduction to developing a persuasive conclusion.
  • Citation and referencing: Understand the importance of proper citation and referencing, and discover the different citation styles commonly used in academia.
  • Revision and proofreading: Develop strategies for revising and proofreading your work to ensure it is error-free and polished.

This training is suitable for students and early-career researchers who are looking to improve their academic writing skills.

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Master the art of composing an effective literature review while ensuring academic integrity with our comprehensive training session. A well-crafted literature review not only serves as the backbone of your research but also showcases your ability to synthesize existing knowledge critically and ethically.

This training session is tailored to empower you with the skills needed to navigate the intricate process of writing a literature review while adhering to the highest standards of academic integrity, ensuring your work is both informative and original.

What you will learn:

• Understanding the literature review: Gain a clear understanding of the purpose and importance of a literature review in the research process.
• Literature search strategies: Learn effective techniques for conducting systematic literature searches to identify relevant sources.
• Critical analysis: Develop the ability to critically evaluate and synthesize research findings, identifying key themes and gaps in the literature.
• Avoiding plagiarism: Understand the principles of academic integrity and learn how to avoid plagiarism through proper citation and referencing.
• Effective writing: Discover strategies for structuring and writing a compelling literature review that effectively communicates your research context.

This training session is ideal for students at all levels who want to enhance their literature review writing skills while ensuring ethical research practices. Whether you are embarking on your first literature review or aiming to refine your existing expertise, this session provides valuable insights.

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