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Understanding and avoiding plagiarism

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We have designed this handout to equip you with the knowledge and awareness needed to steer clear of plagiarism in all your written works. Whenever you tackle assignments throughout your academic journey, make sure to have this guide by your side, ensuring your success with integrity!

Academic Integrity Guide: Your Path to Success

Academic Integrity Guide: Your Path to Success
At the University of Luxembourg, academic integrity is essential. It means respecting the rules and values outlined in the Charte des usagers, found in the Study regulations (point 15).

As a student, you must uphold the principle that the ideas and arguments presented in any academic work belong to the author. This ownership extends not only to the ideas but also to the specific text used to express them. If you use someone else’s words or ideas, proper acknowledgment is crucial to avoid plagiarism – which is a serious offense.

Remember, when submitting your work for assessment, it must be entirely your own. While researching, you should engage with the works of others related to your subject, giving credit where it’s due. Whether you’re writing an essay or a thesis, honesty and integrity are expected, and plagiarism must be avoided.

In this guide, you’ll find valuable information on the following topics:

• Understanding plagiarism: What it is and how to avoid it.
• Raising awareness about plagiarism: Frequently asked questions.
• Consequences of plagiarism at the University of Luxembourg.
• Tips to prevent plagiarism.

Let’s maintain academic integrity together for a successful academic journey.