Research Group Imaging AI

Our Research

The Imaging AI group at LCSB aims towards translating recent bleeding edge methods from AI and imaging research to solve concrete biomedical problems. Based on a thorough understanding of the current algorithmic developments, we work together with domain experts to boost research progress. Current projects focus on brain tumors and neurodegenerative diseases with MR imaging as main modality, however we also have experience in diseases like COVID-19 involving X-Ray analysis of the lung, as well as in modelling complex neurosurgical interventions. While our work is mostly revolving around applying AI techniques to some sort of imaging, we also include non-imaging based modalities and meta-data into multi-modal models and have a track record working on related modalities like Raman spectroscopy for brain tumor diagnosis, IMU data for gait analysis in Parkinsons’ or sleep recording time series data for apnea detection.