Congratulations to Prof. Dr. Dirk Zetzsche for co-writing a book “FinTech: Finance, Technology and Regulation”

  • Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance (FDEF)
    10 November 2023

Dr. Dirk A. Zetzsche, a distinguished professor and expert in financial law and holder of the ADA Chair in Financial Law (inclusive finance), recently published his book with Cambridge University Press co-authored with his standing team of research collaborators, Professors Ross P. Buckley from UNSW Sydney and Douglas W. Arner from Hong Kong University.

This book stands out in the crowded FinTech literature by providing an in-depth, accessible reference that explores the intersection of technology, finance, law, and regulation that meets at the same time, the highest academic standards.

The authors offer an ideal reference for anyone seeking to understand the technological transformation of finance and the role of regulation: this is the world of FinTech. They consider technologies including artificial intelligence, blockchain, BigData, cloud computing, cryptocurrencies, central bank digital currencies, crypto-exchanges, distributed ledger technologies and machine learning, and provide a unique perspective on FinTech as an interactive system involving finance, technology, and law and regulation.

Starting with an evolutionary perspective, the authors then consider the major technologies transforming finance, arguing for approaches to balance the risks and challenges of innovation. They then move to address through the central role of infrastructure in digital financial transformation, highlighting the lessons of China, India, the EU as well as the impact of pandemics and other sustainability crises, while analysing and considering the risks generated by FinTech. They conclude by offering forward-looking strategies that will best assist societies seeking to employ FinTech to address the challenges facing our world today.

Their ultimate goal is to offer forward-looking regulatory strategies to tackle contemporary challenges in banking, finance, and technology, with a view to furthering sustainable development.

Interviews of the authors on the book’s concept and content (podcast and video) are available here.