Welcome to Chao Tayiana, Public Historian in Residence

  • Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C2DH)
    16 October 2023
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The Kenyan historian will join the C²DH from 31 October to 30 November 2023.

Chao Tayiana Maina is a Kenyan historian and digital heritage specialist that works at the intersection of digital humanities and public education. She uses digital technologies to unearth previously hidden or suppressed historical narratives, make these accessible to a wider audience and enable communities to engage with their cultural heritage. She has a background in computer sciences with a specialization in digital heritage studies.

She is the founder of African Digital Heritage, a co-founder of the Museum of British Colonialism and a co-founder of the Open Restitution Africa project.

For more information about her, visit Chao Tayiana website.