Strand Colloquium: Transnational History and Digital Methods

  • Location

    MSA 4.350 Maison du Savoir

    4365, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
  • Topic
  • Type
    Lectures and seminars

Join this seminar to discuss ongoing research to transnational history and digital workflows.

This interdisciplinary colloquium for early to mid-career scholars presents and discusses their research on transnational history in the context of growing digitised source material, text mining, data visualisation tools. Transnational history is understood as the study of the mobility of persons, goods, capital or cultural ideas across borders. The course targets students working on topics that transcend national boundaries and/or digital methods. Research on the past and research on how the past is used in the present are discussed. Special attention is paid to Luxembourg and its surroundings. 

To participate, please register via Moodle or send an e-mail to estelle.bunout@uni.lu.


27 September 2023, 3 – 5 pm in the DH Lab (MSH)
Luxembourgers in colonial Africa
Kevin Georgen

4 October 2023, 3-5 pm in MSA 4.350
Researching the impacts of conscription on Luxembourgish families during WWII: a case-study on the consequences of desertion and draft evasion
Sarah Maya Vercruysse

8 November 2023, 3-5 pm in MSA 4.350
La suppression des corporations dans deux bourgs ruraux, Arlon et Virton (1795-1814)
Luca Federico Cerra

6 December 2023, 3-5 pm in MSA 4.350
Federica Moretti

20 December 2023, 9 am -5 pm in MSA 4.200
full day workshop

7 February 2024, 3-5 pm in MSA 4.350
presenter tbd

6 March 2024, 3-5 pm in MSA 4.350
presenter tbd

8 May 2024, 3-5 pm in MSA 4.350
presenter tbd

3 July 2024, 3-5 pm in MSA 4.350
presenter tbd