Büro für Partnerschaften, Wissens- und Technologietransfer der Universität Luxemburg

The University of Luxembourg asserts the importance of its official mission consisting in transferring knowledge and technology to society’s benefit.

Serving researchers, civil society and businesses, the Office for Partnership, Knowledge and Technology Transfer (PaKTT Office) is your primary contact point.

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The PaKTTO supports projects from their conception to the valorisation of the scientific results obtained. Alongside the Research Support Department (RSD) and the legal and financial services of the University, the team intervenes on various aspects referring to set-ups of projects, legal contracts, protection of Intellectual Property (IP), research valorisation and partnership.

Our main objectives are to widely promote sciences, to disseminate knowledge and to support social innovation and positive impacts through the transfer of IP rights to existing companies, newly created spin-offs, public institutions or civil organizations.

We cover activities of research carried out by the University solely or in collaboration with public and private institutions and stakeholders. Partnerships between the University and actors from the socio-economic world benefit from multiple regional, national and European support. The PaKTT Office actively participates in the development of Luxembourg’s innovation ecosystem.

Furthermore, the Office also offers and implements the University’s Knowledge Transfer policy with respect to its overall commitments and takes part in the elaboration of its strategy.

PaKTTO Valo process

Partnership, Kownledge & Technology Transfer Office (PaKTTO). Visual explanation of the process

Starting off from research results, which are being identified and formalized through a written Invention or Software Disclosure, a full assessment of those results is carried out on the IP, Legal, Market/users’ needs and technical aspects. In a second time and if relevant, appropriate IP protection is delivered and consolidated all along the valorization process. During the next development period, support shall be provided for Proof-of-Concept applications with regular follow-ups during the PoC project lifetime. After going through all these stages, the project is ready to be transferred to a community of users or a spin-off company or existing companies through prospection, negotiation and licensing.

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Our team members are specifically trained and bring their experience acquired in the academic sector and the business world, in the scientific and technological branches, as well as in commercial, marketing, legal and industrial property sectors (patents, trademarks and licenses).