FNR video featuring PEARL Chair Prof. Jochen Klucken

  • 17 mars 2023
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    Sciences de la vie & médecine

The Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) has just launched a new video showcasing the work of the Digital Medicine group, headed by FNR PEARL Chair Prof. Jochen Klucken. The group focuses on developing personalised digital healthcare solutions and shaping a new ecosystem for digital medicine.

With a highly interdisciplinary team, the Digital Medicine group addresses the medical benefit and social acceptance of digital healthcare services, as well as the structural and procedural changes required. They aim to understand how personalised healthcare technologies can be tailored to patient needs and integrated into existing healthcare systems.

The group’s work is particularly relevant in the rising age of digitalisation in medicine. They are currently developing new evaluation methods and benchmarking concepts to distinguish digital gimmicks from beneficial healthcare solutions. Identifying the relevant innovations will contribute to enabling digital medicine for patients and caregivers, healthcare providers and payers. In parallel, the group is also studying the ethical, legal and social impact of these data-driven services.

The group’s current focus is on Parkinson’s disease, exploring how wearable sensors and smartphone applications can support patients’ lives and be integrated into the toolbox of the multidisciplinary healthcare team.

Learn more about the FNR PEARL program here.

Thumbnail ©Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR)