The Mathemagical Pub quiz: chilled mathematics

    27 avril 2023

On 25 April 2023, the Siegfried bar in Luxembourg was buzzing with excitement. And what were people so excited about? Mathematics!

The Mathemagical Pub quiz attracted over 60 participants with diverse backgrounds and ages, including a 15-year-old math enthusiast. The event was organised by the FNR funded and RePublic project and animated by Hugo Parlier and Bruno Teheux from the Department of Mathematics (DMATH), together with Dennis Fink and Isabelle Schmartz from the Luxembourg Science Center

The quiz was an opportunity to showcase the modern facets of mathematics, how much and how little we understand, and mostly to have fun with mathematical puzzles and magic tricks. The competition was fierce, in a lively but friendly atmosphere. The questions and challenges were designed to be accessible to everyone, regardless of their level of math knowledge, and highlighted the interdisciplinary and social aspects of mathematics

The success of the event was proof that math can be used to bring people together in an informal setting. Yet another beautiful application of mathematics, and answer to the age old question “But what is it good for?”