Prof. Siebentritt receives honorary doctorate from Uppsala University

  • Faculté des Sciences, des Technologies et de Médecine (FSTM)
    21 février 2023
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    Physique & sciences des matériaux

Prof. Susanne Siebentritt from the Department of Physics at the University of Luxembourg has recently been awarded with an honorary doctorate from the University of Uppsala. This distinction marks her impressive work on the development of thin film solar cells and research on complex material systems used in them, like chalcopyrites and kesterites. She has been honoured as a driving force in the field of solar cell research.

A traditional award celebrating collaboration

Created in 1839 at Uppsala University, the title of honorary doctor is conferred upon academics, primarily from abroad, who have established ties with Swedish academic researchers.

Professor Susanne Siebentritt has worked for many years with the University of Uppsala, collaborating with Marika Edoff, Professor of Solid State Electronics and Charlotte Platzer-Björkman, professor in solid state electronics in the field of photovoltaics. The collaboration spans from the development and characterisation of new materials for thin film solar cells to research on highly efficient tandem solar cells and understanding fundamental loss mechanisms. For example, the collaboration has resulted in a record breaking 15.6% efficient top cell for tandem solar cells.

Additional recognition for Prof. Siebentritt

Appointed “TDK Europe Professor” in 2007 at the University of Luxembourg, Susanne Siebentritt succeeded in very few years building the Laboratory of Photovoltaics with a team of top-level researchers. The impressive work of Prof. Siebentritt has been recognised at different levels: in 2014 she and her team received the FNR outstanding publication award ; in 2015, she received the award “Grand Prix en Sciences Physiques de l’Institut Grand-ducal” also called “Prix Paul Wurth” and in 2022, she received an FNR Award for Outstanding Mentor. In addition, Prof. Siebentritt took part in the scientific board of Luxembourg in Transition, she is currently in the board of the Kopernikus projects of the German Research ministry and member of the editorial board of Physical Review Applied

Now, this new title as honorary doctor reinforces the prestigious and remarkable work of Susanne Siebentritt in the field of photovoltaics. “I feel very honoured about it. Uppsala is the oldest Nordic university founded in 1477. It’s ranked 131 in Times Higher Education and 78 in the Shanghai ranking. It is home to several famous physicists, Nobel laureates among them. The award ceremony goes back to the 16th century and was very impressive and festive”, comments Prof. Siebentritt.