New Vice-Dean for the FHSE

  • Faculté des Sciences Humaines, des Sciences de l’Éducation et des Sciences Sociales (FHSE)
    Université / Administration centrale et Rectorat
    10 mars 2023
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Associate Professor in Educational and Psychological Measurement at the University of Luxembourg, Antoine (Tun) Fischbach has been appointed Vice-Dean of the Faculty. His mandate started 6 March 2023 and will run until 5 March 2028.

Antoine Fischbach joins a leadership team committed to realising the Faculty’s ambitious objectives across its broad spectrum of activities. His new responsibilities will mainly encompass the Faculty’s research, teaching and transfer endeavours in the field of national Education. Previously, he held the position of Head of the Luxembourg Centre for Educational Testing LUCET—a 50-person interdisciplinary research and transfer structure at the University of Luxembourg.

Prof. Fischbach’s is no stranger to matters of academic administration. He is an elected member of the University Council, part of the Faculty Management Team, Faculty Council, Governing Board of the Doctoral School in Humanities and Social Sciences, and Faculty representative in the Steering Committee of the University’s Leadership Academy. He is also involved outside of our institution (e.g., University representative in the Luxembourg High Council for Education CSEN, Governing Board Luxembourg Educational Research Association, Scientific Committee French language centre in Paris, Scientific Committee Institute for Educational Research and Documentation in Neuchâtel).

Fischbach believes that the University will and must play a major role in the challenges that our world is currently facing. Building a sustainable country and society, protecting our democracy, future-proofing our medical system, and responding to the new challenges brought by Artificial Intelligence and digitalisation, starts with top-notch (higher) education. 

According to Prof. Fischbach, in certain areas—a great many of which are in our Faculty—the public University of Luxembourg will and must be a proud University for Luxembourg. He is further convinced that acknowledging and anticipating the country’s needs, is also key to creating safe havens for fundamental academic research, which must of course have and keep its place in our institution.