Cisco Networking Academy opens at the University of Luxembourg

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    07 mars 2018
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The University of Luxembourg and technology company Cisco announced the launch of a Cisco Networking Academy. Students from all fields will have the opportunity to take e-learning courses on topics such as networking and security, entrepreneurship, data analytics, but also in emerging fields, such as Internet of Things.

Furthermore, the Academy offers personalised assessments for participants and hands-on opportunities such as labs, networking simulation software, competitions, and hackathons. First courses at the University of Luxembourg will start in September 2018.

Educating students to foster active digital mindset

Opening the Networking Academy is an important step towards increasing digital literacy and specialised IT knowledge in the Grand Duchy. The the Luxembourg Government and Cisco recently announced with new technologies and curricula is an important part of the country’s Digital Acceleration programme modernisation of the education system. Over the past 20 years, Cisco Networking Academies educated 7.8 million students in 170 countries.

Stéphane Pallage, Rector of the University of Luxembourg, comments: “Partnering with Cisco opens a world of opportunities for our University. Education is one of the cornerstones of the country’s Digital Acceleration Programme and we are proud to play an active part in it.”

Chuck Robbins, CEO and Chairman of Cisco, who participated in the opening of the University’s new incubator on Tuesday, 6 March 2018, adds: “Luxembourg’s workforce is central to accelerating the country’s vision to be a digital leader. As rapid technological advancements open up new opportunities and create new markets, a whole range of new roles will emerge across industries. Helping people develop the skills they need to benefit from the digital economy is the defining challenge of our time. Cisco is proud to work with the University of Luxembourg to open a Cisco Networking Academy on the campus to provide the digital skills needed to enable both people and businesses to succeed.”

From left: Xavier Bettel, Prime Minister, and Chuck Robbins, CEO and Chairman of Cisco, meeting on Belval Campus on Tuesday, 6 March 2018, © Michel Brumat / University of Luxembourg

Supporting the digital conversion of local industry

The opening of the Cisco Networking Academy is part of the University’s strategy to test new technologies and learning methods for future education in the Grand Duchy. On its new campus, the University of Luxembourg has built a user lab and a learning centre where it will develop innovative teaching and learning methods for primary, secondary, higher and adult education. With that, the University wants to further optimise the learning experience of students and lecturers in the light of the broad digitisation of our society.

“Digitisation does not only mean that we offer learning material in digital form or communicate with students through digital channels,” explains Romain Martin, Vice-President for Academic Affairs at the University of Luxembourg. “Digital learning goes beyond the classroom. New technologies and collaboration tools enable combining traditional forms of education with, for example, peer learning, to create new learning experiences. This is achieved best in collaboration with strong technology partners such as Cisco. And with Networking Academy, we provide extra transferable digital skills in the country as outlined in the government’s plan Digital Lëtzebuerg.”

“Cisco’s strong understanding of digitisation, technology trends and skills all shape the Cisco Networking Academy learning portfolio. We strongly believe that as the world digitises, it is our responsibility to work together with academia and governments to help educate the workforce of the future,” says Romain Siebenaler, Country Manager Cisco Luxembourg. “Over the next months, we plan to extend the cooperation between the University of Luxembourg and Cisco beyond Networking Academy. We are looking to work together and design, test and constantly improve the tools and settings and develop efficient learning environments for the digital world.”