New interdisciplinary Centre Interdisciplinary Centre for Environmental Systems

Selection Process

In 2020, in a university-wide process, the University of Luxembourg defined its long-term strategy framework for the period from 2020 to 2039. According to this framework, the University will establish a research axis for sustainable and societal development. The aim is to educate the next generation of scientists and to accompany Luxembourg on its path to a sustainable future.

This includes establishing an Interdisciplinary Centre (IC) for Environmental Systems. The concept was enshrined in the University’s four-year agreement with the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. It is expected that the new IC will grow to approximately 150 employees within ten years during its start-up phase.

Phases of the procedure

The procedure for appointing the founding director of the new IC is a two-phase process, then the launch:

Ideas Competition

June — September 2023

Recruiting Process

September 2023 – First half of 2024

Launch of the New IC

Second half of 2024

Phase 1: Ideas Competition

The first phase is the ideas competition running from June 2023 to October 2023. With this competition, the University is calling on internal applicants and external scientists from around the world to submit their concepts for the alignment of the new IC.

An international selection committee of independent experts will evaluate the concept papers. The selection criteria include scientific excellence, international alignment, long-term relevance and the anticipated contribution to Luxembourg’s research and innovation strategies in the area of environmental systems. The committee will first pick the best applicants and ask them to develop fully elaborated proposals for final selection in the second phase.

Phase 2: Recruiting Process

The second phase will be dedicated to the actual recruiting process. The recruiting committee will conduct the second phase in line with the University’s regulations. This committee will be appointed by the Supervisory Board, presided over by the rector. It will include the members of the selection committee from phase 1, in order to ensure continuity of the selection process.

During the selection process, the six best-placing applicants will be asked to develop their concept into a detailed project for an IC that incorporates the institutional, national and international context as well as any feedback from the selection committee.

The recruiting committee will evaluate both the project concepts and the profiles of the applicants, in order to nominate a maximum of three scientists and their concepts for the short list. Those candidates will then be recommended to the Supervisory Board for hearing.

The appointment process will conclude with the appointment of the founding director by the Supervisory Board in the first half of 2024.


The University aims to formally launch the IC in the second half of of 2024.