Doctoral Education Doctoral School in Humanities and Social Sciences


Write Cafés, Student Initiatives and Social Events

Building a sense of community for our Doctoral Candidates is one of our key goals. We support Candidates in establishing connections with their peers and faculty members so they can thrive in their academic pursuits. We encourage them to organise workshops and events that are relevant across disciplines and foster a shared sense of community.

Specifically, we support PhD initiatives to organise Writing Cafés in Luxembourg and on campus to offer a quiet, comfortable and supportive atmosphere for individuals who want to work on their writing projects and make real progress.

Our Doctoral School also organises social events as vehicles of exchange of vital information on life in Luxembourg and at the university. Integration into the community is vital for the success of our Doctoral Candidates and this is why we aim to provide you with channels to socialise and voice your views through regular meetings with the Head of the Doctoral School, the Programme Directors and Student Representatives.