Study Programmes Master of Science in Finance and Economics

Study and Career opportunities

The M1 lays the foundation for an international career in economics and finance. Successful candidates can continue with a specialization in the M2 to confer their master degree in economics and finance or may apply to the MSc in Quantitative Economics and Finance if they wish to pursue an academic career.



  • Common understanding of finance and economics for students from all backgrounds
  • Insight into the Luxembourg financial centre
  • Understanding of the nature, role and function of financial markets (such as money, bond, and equity and derivatives markets)
  • Proficiency in basic quantitative tools and techniques
  • Application of knowledge to recognise and analyse complex problems in the given

Learning outcomes

a) Draw on a thorough understanding of the functioning of national (Luxembourg) and supranational financial markets and institutions
b) Mobilise and apply specific and targeted knowledge in the fields of banking, insurance, risk management, asset management, financial economics or digital and sustainable finance.
c) Use financial modelling to solve complex financial problems
d) Communicate ideas clearly and concisely
e) Be an active and effective member of a team
f) Retrieve and process relevant financial information from a variety of sources.